Thursday, December 3, 2009

Proper Treatment

My very best friend since age 10, a successful AD Executive started missing work, avoiding my calls, and excessively sleeping. Her husband and I couldn't understand why she was so withdrawn from her regular life. We sat her down and she explained that she was depressed and abusing alcohol. We went through the house and saw all the bottles stashed everywhere. She had been staying at the bar all night and sleeping all day. I called Luxury Drug Rehab, and they required inpatient addiction treatment. The facility was beautiful, the doctors handled her addiction aggressively, and worked with her drug addiction.

Sometimes we let life get the best of us even if that includes an over the counter pill or just one shot of vodka a night till it turns into doubling dosages or multiple shots. Luxury Drug Rehab works with only the best and will decrease and soon drop all addictions.

Thanks luxury drug rehab!!

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