Monday, April 5, 2010

Sober Living

Quite often, you read a story about a celebrity being released from a drug or alcohol rehab center. Sometimes the time spent there was voluntary; at other times court-ordered. All too frequently, those celebrities, and plenty of “regular” folks like the rest of us, compete the required rehab and are then released – to friends, to family, to the same bad habits and with no defense whatsoever to prevent a relapse.

Fortunately, a large number of luxury drug rehab facilities recognize that once the rehab has taken place, most patients are far from ready to return full-time to regular life. They need a transitional period.

To that end, the responsible drug treatment center knows that its job is not yet done. Residents who appear to be ready for a return to real life are first watched closely at a sober living center.

Sober living means fine-tuning your living skills with a clear, level head. It means getting along with other housemates who are in the same boat you are – nearly ready to return to regular life with a clear body, mind and outlook.

Recent research has shown sober living to be tremendously effective in promoting long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction. The research suggests that sober living is an important element in combating addiction and drug dependency.

Sober living facilities allow recovering addicts to receive additional counseling, develop their coping skills and create a foundation or a long-term healthy lifestyle.

In addition to providing the former addict with a safe haven for transitioning, sober living facilities provide continued care and post-treatment support for its clients. They follow the progress of their patients, sometimes for a year or longer. They offer certified therapy, education and living guidance to both clients and their families.

~Luxury Drug Rehab

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