Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amazing What You Can Find...

While pursuing the world of drug rehab, this article came to light:

Top Referral Service To Find An Alcohol Rehab Facility

'...LuxuryDrugRehab.com is a shining light in the rehab referral market. The company provides personal counseling services for affluent rehab patients, with the goal of helping those addiction patients find the residential alcohol rehab program that is exactly right for them. To do that, LuxuryDrugRehab.com's expert advisers closely scrutinize the best luxury alcohol rehab facilities around the country, then use their accumulated knowledge to deliver informed and insightful recommendations.

In the search for the right
alcohol rehab facility, there's simply no substitute for that sort of expertise.

It's important that a rehab patient be fully informed about an alcohol rehab facility before enrolling in it. It would seem natural, then, that an alcohol rehab facility would want to communicate openly and honestly with their prospective clients. If successful alcohol rehab develops from a foundation of truth, it's hard to imagine that any other course of action could lead to long-term recovery...(more)'

This piece also touches on the subjects of
inpatient alcohol rehab and residential alcohol rehab program

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