Monday, July 19, 2010

New News for LuxuryDrugRehab

While poking around I found these great articles:

Weighing Alcohol Abuse Treatment Options In California

"Affluent addiction victims typically seek alcohol abuse treatment from elegant private rehab clinics. Unfortunately, that search is often impeded by a lack of transparency in the luxury rehabilitation industry.

Now, though, prospective patients have a trusted source on the inside. is pleased to announce a new referral service linking affluent addiction victims to the best treatment and recovery facilities on earth. The goal of is to help those victims find the facility that's exactly right for them. To do that, the service provides clients with expert personal advice and a thorough understanding of the treatment options available to them.

Given the differences between and among various alcohol abuse treatment centers, that sort of guidance can often make all the difference in the world....(more)"

This article talks about alcohol rehab and other valuable information about drug and alcohol rehabs.

Get Connected With The Best Treatment In The World

"Every drug abuse victim knows how devastating the disease can be. The good news, though, is that that devastation doesn't have to be the end of the story. has an established record of helping clients rebuild their lives from the ground-up, by showing them the best possible way forward on the road to recovery. Now more than ever before, the service promises to brighten the future for those individuals willing to reach out for assistance....(more)"

This article touches on finding the right alcohol or drug treatment center.

Understanding The Heroin Detox And Treatment Process

"Affluent heroin addiction victims typically seek the services of exclusive heroin detox and treatment facilities. Unfortunately, that search is often impeded by a lack of reliable information about the luxury rehabilitation industry.

That's about to change....(more)'

This piece discusses finding the right drug or alcohol detox center and other valuable information about detox facilities.

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