Monday, January 11, 2010

Dealing with a family member who suffers an addiction is no easy feat. And depending on the drug of choice for that individual the path to regain a happy home is even harder. This was such the case with my friends brother, he had started heroine to keep him awake for his full time job, full time schooling and everything in between.
At first a little went a long way, but as we know more and more is needed to get the desired effect.
The family noticed his strange behavior and when questioned, he merely shrugged it off to sleep deprivation and stress. Soon his grades were slipping, and he lost his job. He came home for the summer without telling anyone he had lost his job.
Then his behavior became really weird, my friend decided to see what was up and searched his bag he left in her car. That's when she found his Heroine.

When she questioned him, he denied it being his, then said he only used it as a back up. So she took it to her mother. The two of them decided to take it upon themselves to help him rid himself of the dependency.
They tried unsuccessfully to do an at home Heroine Detox. I was there that night, their mother didn't have the strength to listen to her son cry out, she eventually gave in. She pleaded with him to come to his senses and try a different approach.
After spending the rest of the night arguing and crying and fighting and screaming. He finally agreed that maybe it was time to do something about his problem.
They decided to see about drug treatment and drug treatment programs. They wanted to keep the situation as low key as possible.
We set out to research the options available, we went to the local library and health clinics claiming to be doing a research paper for school. Finally we were able to decide on a course of action.

Its been 2 years since this happened, I remember the heart ache like it happened last night. But we are all happy and we are all healthy and that's what matters.

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